Your patients want as little out-of-pocket expense as possible.  Sometimes that requires options.  We work with the top public and private lenders in healthcare to offer your practice and your patients the best options for your service. Options that are easy to explain. Options you are proud to offer. 



What if we can lower your costs and charge your patients less? Spend 10 minutes on the phone with us and we will give you options you are proud to offer. 

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Whether you have great credit or less than ideal credit you deserve a financing plan that is easy to understand with no hidden interest or origination fees.  

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We can help you diversify your investments, give back to the local community and make patient healthcare more affordable.   

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Your Practice

You are taking the time to provide world class service. You are staying ahead of the curve on the newest healthcare guidelines and initiatives.  Let us do the work to find you a solution for your financial goals.


We take the stress out of financing your patient's medical needs. Because nobody should need a crash course in economics to pay for medical expenses. LendOption is here to help make your life easier.



A Great Partner


We are committed to making your life easier.  We will provide market insight, add money to your bottom line and help you retain more patients.  Some of our existing clients would be happy to take some time and speak with you.