Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Lendoption charge a provider?

We have the lowest processing fees in the healthcare space while still allowing you to offer competitive APR to your patients. We feel this is something you can expect from your patient financing partner.

What is the typical interest Payment for a patient?

A soft credit check will confirm a 0% interest for 6-18 months or a 14.99% interest for up to 60 months. 

How is Lendoption able to provide Such low processing fees to the practice and Low interest payments to the patient?

We take the time to find companies that are more consumer friendly. We partner with public and private lenders that utilize a more intuitive financing approach.  This approach takes more than just the FICO score into account. Working with different lenders allows us to offer options to every patient that walks through your door. 

How robust is your customer support?

We are available 24/7.  We are dedicated to finding the most competitive and straightforward options.  The work we put in on the front end gets rid of confusion in your office and allows us to put your patients at ease when they have questions in the future.  We are available so you don't have to be.  


What does the training program look like?

Our initial training takes less than 30 minutes and we are available at any time to answer questions as they arise.  

What is the difference between a loan and credit card?

Loans are usually used for bigger one-time purchases and have a fixed interest rate.  Credit cards are usually used for smaller purchases and have a variable interest rate.

Which is best for my patients?

If you have smaller ticket sizes and patients utilize your service monthly or bi-yearly then credit cards may be a better option. If your practice delivers a little higher cost service and patients do not come in as often a loan may be a better option.

Are we working with Lendoption directly or are you a broker?

You will be working with LendOption directly for most of our services.  If there is an option you would like to provide that one of our partners is more suited to handle we will gladly introduce you.